I like to help insightful families,  inspiring alternative care professionals and trusting empaths with their constitutional strength and with their appearance in the world.

Insightful families

Being a family is not so easy nowadays. Mostly mothers as well as fathers work and the children are being taken care of by  professionals, day care centers, neighbors or grandparents.

Usually everybody is feeling living constant pressure of society. This weakens your immune system and your constitution.

Inspired alternative Care professionals

Sometimes alternative care professionals forget to take care of themselves and they start loosing their abilities to help others the way they were used to. It is difficult to find somebody to turn to as I have experienced myself.


Do you need help in order to get back on track and restore your power?

Trusting Empaths

Empaths usually suffer regularly without any particular cause. Being very sensitive they are often led to alternative health care as doctors cannot find the reason of their suffering.

Would you like to know the right alternative health care to meet your individual needs, have your aura strengthened and/or learn to help yourself?

I have the ability to access the deepest layer of your auric field, thereby intuitively removing respectively recognizing things that are not serving you and then adding energetic vibrations which allow you to lead a more creative and productive live. This way your energetic field is restored to auric brightness and wellness.