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"For the particular case of cancer energy, the cosmic body, the orange layer, will always be the main entrance of the problem. Any energetic manipulation like clearing energy and adding colour is to be entered right there because that is the layer where cancer energy starts to develop."



Anja's colour therapy is a challenge to our paradigms, also for those who have taken many health and spirituality courses.... Many thanks Anja for this valuable tool and your cosmovision.

Caesar Gustavo Montalvo Jave, Mexico  November 2016

Colour Tele-Workshop

Take the 4 week colour tele-workshop.
Learn how to check and replenish your own aura colours easily!!!
You will receive original colour test tubes for easy use.
You will learn where exactly in the auric field you will have to work to get the best result.
You will learn how to keep your aura flexible and strong.
You will learn how to connect and align your auric field.
You can use your knowledge immediately for yourself and others.
Are you ready to brighten your aura and raise your vibration?
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