Energetical Colour balancing

Colours are the juice of life. The colours manifest the aura.  If you change the colours in your aura your personal radiation is changed instantly.


Colours are the femine power. While the masculine power works on the direct strength of the body  and the logical thinking of the mind the feminine power works on your appearance and on harmony  and  cooperation. This is where the saying was born: Behind every powerful man, there is a powerful women.


The women coordinates the colours of the energy field which up to now was mainly intuitive action. Knowing more about colours  will help you  develop the  balance between masculine and femine energies and open ways to go through life  more  gentle. Other people will notice this without knowing conciously what you have changed.

Colours  do not only work in the aura but also on your body

Red        kidneys, blood, skeleton

Orange  sex organs, bladder, uterus, prostate

Yellow   liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestines

Green    hart, lungs

Blue      mouth, teeth, jaw, ears, voice

Indigo   eyes,  sinuses, lower skull, temple

Violet    skull, cortex, skin

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