Fountain of Colour

Over the last decade Anja has organized the complex information gathered from all her trainings along with her extensive research, methodical development, and results driven consulting, into an elegant, simplified yet sophisticated technique known as the Fountain of Colour Method.  Her method enables clients to experience a strengthened constitution, greater productivity, and transformational clarity and confidence.

• The Fountain of Colour Method originated in order to manifest a holistic health care system taking

   into account the body, the soul, the mind and the spirit.

The body: the body is inherited by parents and ancestors. It is the DNA from the generations that forms

   our body in this lifetime. The body has to be aware in order to balance the root cause of a problem.

The soul: our soul is responsible for our karma, which is the amount of all experiences during our

   earthly being. Before our birth into this life our soul makes contracts in order to learn and finish

   unfinished experiences with soul acquaintances from other lifetimes here on earth. The soul just has to

   let go in order to release stress.

The mind: the mind is our individualism in the present life. It is influenced by society and the

   environment. The mind should be free in order to help us to fulfill our life purpose. Limiting believes that

   we pick up during growing up or life experience will limit us from our subconscious. As soon as the mind

   understands the root cause of a problem based in the minds territory will be balanced.

The spirit: the spirit brings the body, soul and mind together. It is the essence of this lifetime. Balancing

   the spirit means balancing body, soul and mind in order to get the best picture of yourself in this 



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