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• Early childhood and inherited trauma`s – relief from anxiety


With the help of muscle tests you can find the age a person was when he or she was traumatized. Normally the person concerned knows what happened. Even if the trauma can not be defined (inherited trauma e.g.), the stress on the trauma can be defined and balanced.



• Energetic flu shot – immune system strengthening and endurance


The immune system, the power of taking responsibility and your self-esteem are all connected. All 3 can be boosted with a color therapy injection.



• Cancer prevention and energetical monitoring – with color therapy


All cancer patients have a certain color pattern which starts to develop long before the disease is obvious. The basis to develop this color pattern is emotional blockage. On top of this there are other symptoms which can be recognized in the energy field to support the detection of the disease.



• Activating the bodies power to heal itself - biocomputer


Sometimes the body does not remember what it has to take care of. Therefore I use the kinesilogical biocomputer in order to reset and take the information from the subconcious to the concious level so all bodyparts can be taken care of again.



• Past life experiences – letting go of unexplained worries


Past life experiences are not always obvious causes of worries and anxiety. Past life experiences have their entrance on a soul level and as soon as the experience is defined the soul can let go of the stress produced   because of the experience.





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