Spiritual Health Care
Did you know that about 80% of all problems in life, not just disease but also money or loveproblems start in the energetic fields?  

Many times people have to experience life-altering events before they start questioning the purpose of  the things happening and the meaning of life in  general.  They start asking “Why does this happen?” and “Why does it happen to me?” or “Why does this happen now?” Not everybody has the ability to see or feel and recognize the meaning of the subtle world with their sixth sense.

Spiritual Healthcare is based on the perception of the sixth sense

Detecting the energetic root cause in the energy field of a living being is the first step. It does not matter if it is a human being, an animal or a plant.  The next step is to balance, remove or heal the energetic root cause so it can no longer cause health trouble. The final step is the definite need to discuss the reason of the root cause energetically developing because this is part of your life journey (and not just dealing with symptoms).