From concentration problems to earning my physiotherapy degree


Before I met Anja I had concentration problems and kept forgetting many things. After the first contact I felt much better. Concentration improved strongly. My body felt much more in balance and I could remember things. I felt ready to start a course to become a physiotherapist which in the mean-time I finished and have my own practice.


  Roxana, Germany


From  Trauma to Triumph


Due to an accident I had physical and psychological problems. My skin was constantly irritated and the impact was detrimentally influencing my life. After a first visit to Anja the psychological stress was gone and within 3 weeks my face returned to normal. I am able to enjoy meeting people and I am much more confident about myself.

    Jeffrey, The Netherlands


More confidence and greater concentration than ever


On my journey of self-development I've been receiving support and help from Anja for a couple of years.

At first it was a little weird to see how the muscle tests work and to speak about not only my problems but

problems of my family that have been there for centuries! Anja helped me with my regular headaches,

concentration problems and my self-esteem. She always is concerned and keeps in contact to check up on

the results. I feel happier and found the job of my dreams.

   Charlene, Germany


Amazing Recovery


I was in the hospital suffering from high

fevers due to several severe infections. Anja

performed distance aura clearing of my

energy. My doctors were amazed at my quick recovery.


  Henny, The Netherlands


From sleepless to relaxed


For weeks I had cramps in my whole body and could not sleep through. Already after the first conversation with Anja the cramps were much less. We discovered that the cramps were due to fixed fear in my body.  We released these fears together and within 2 weeks. I could relax again and sleep at night. As a side effect also my migraine is gone. Anja is very understanding and works extremely effectively.

    Gaby Berner, Germany


From desperate to confident


I was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2015. It hit me like a ton of bricks and proved the starting line of a long and trying period of ups and downs. Especially on an emotional plane I came across things I had never encountered before. Mainly insecurity about  pretty much everything including death. Anja was and is of great help easing my anxieties, even though we're countries apart. I'm a layman when it comes to the five elements and chakra, and Anja took her time to explain them to me. She 'reorganized' me in an emotional sense to deal with what was bothering me. And when it was needed, she did it again, selflessly. I kept gaining confidence as Anja took my fears away, bit by bit. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anja to anyone who's overcome by doubts or fears.


   Jan Langendoen, The Netherlands


From Bells to beautiful


Before I met Anja I suffered from paralysis

of Bell. The right side of my face was

paralyzed. After energetical balancing the paralyzed part was just normal again and stayed normal.


  Marcelle, The Netherlands


Was that magic?


I met Anja when she invited me to join a FB group grounded in spiritual health care.  We decided to trade so that we could better understand what each other did. 
She did some remote healing  work on me that really helped.  I was coming out of a difficult winter.  My energy level was very low and I felt exhausted most of the time.  I also seemed to catch every cold and flu that came along.  There was also a chronic cough and other symptoms. I felt some  improvement immediately when she started the work. After a few days my energy levels were much better and I was well on my way to feeling like myself again.
What I hadn't realized was that Anja would be working  on me every day for a while, checking in to see how things were progressing at my end.  Though there is still some work to do I am much improved.

What I can say about the experience, is that I am not sure if this was magic, or simply the work of a very effective, gifted, committed and generous healer. But that doesn't matter. I feel so much better now.

  Yasha Jampolsky, United States of America


From overwhelmed to happy


I contacted Anja because of all the distress of being an empath. I needed help because I was taking on the world's pain and suffering and could not bear it anymore. Anja cleared my aura and filled it up with colours and cleared and protected my home. She also cleared various energy cords and connections.

This is my note to Anja the next morning: ....well I have to tell you I had the best sleep ever...I slept for 14 hours straight and when I woke up I felt amazing! I have a lot of physical issues and today was one of the first times that I woke up and I wasn't in pain! ! It feels great and I am in a very good mood. I truly feel free for the first time in my life! I really appreciate all that you have given me..Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


    Maureen Ellen DuCharme, Canada