Hide & Seek

"Hide & Seek"

Are you determined and passionate to clear your energy body from other people’s energy?
  • Become the master of your energy
  • Understand your body’s signals
  • Be more YOU while discovering the benefit of “Hide & Seek”

Are you ready to eliminate energy that is draining you, that is, stagnating your energy, that is giving you pain, that is confusing your senses, that is exhausting you and keeping you from following our highest purpose?

Using “Hide & Seek,” you will find out where your positive energy is going!

Are you ready to take charge, to feel more like yourself than ever?

  • Being consciously aware of where other people connect to your energy is a massive step towards becoming yourself again. What we learned from our families is to pull energy towards us and channel it into the earth to transform. Higher vibration works differently. “Hide & Seek” will show you the way to release instead of weakening yourself with other people’s problems.


“Hide & Seek other people’s energy” is an energy balancing modality, that will help you to gain insight and security about your energy and energy you pick up from other people. You will learn to be in charge, consciously eliminating energies and vibrations that are not your own, not based on your ancestral issues and soul issues, your upbringing, or thought patterns.

What makes “Hide & Seek” different?

  • “Hide & Seek” will reveal to you exactly how and where to find and lose the energy that does not belong to you.
  • “Hide & Seek” supplies the tools to feel yourself in your energy flow without influences from anybody else
  • Taking responsibility to be able to change your energy instantly will give you conscious awareness and power in your everyday life. It will assist you in leaving behind old-fashioned patterns.
  • Using the “Hide and Seek” empowerment program will make you feel vibrant on another level and will support you in expanding and aligning your energy.

      • Experience less stress from others
      • Feel lighter, less drained by others
      • Release pain that is not your own
      • Know who you bond with subconsciously

Applying the knowledge, you will be the captain of your ship, sailing on waters that feed your being from deep inside and help you to discover your highest purpose


I took the “Hide & Seek” course with Anja. I found the course easy to understand, absolutely practical, and very dynamic. The changes you make are subtle but noticeable. When I made many changes, I could feel my environment changing too. This course is very recommendable for people who look for fast, practical, and effective solutions for dealing with the energy we pick up from others.

 José, Spain

I took the “Hide & Seek” course with Anja. I enjoyed the process of walking through her simple method of finding where I had given away my energy to others, exchanged with others, or my energy was taken away by others. It was fascinating to see who these experiences were with and where they were located. It helped me gain clarity and understand a lot about things that were going on with me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The process flowed so smoothly, and the answers were just right there from my subconscious. Anja guided me along the way, so I wasn’t on my own. She answered all my questions. She has an amazing gift of being able to tune right into what is going on with you and assist you with releasing it so you can heal. I knew other people’s energy affected me, but I had no idea about the loss, exchange, or the take on of energy that occurs. After experiencing this course, I use the process to release energy when I have been around other people. It has helped me to feel so much lighter and not allow other people’s energy to drain me. I highly recommend this course, especially to empaths and highly sensitive people.

Shelly Ahlschlager, USA

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