Meridian Flow Intensive

"Meridian Flow Intensive"

Good energy flow through the Meridians equals good health!
"Too easy not to do it! "

Meridians are a circulatory system of CHI. This energy system is, at the same time, down-to-earth straightforward and incredibly complex. Once the energy is flowing without interruption, you will have the possibility and tools to keep it flowing.

Duration of the course: 4 weeks

Would you like to understand more about your energy body?

    • Meridians provide a simple and effective way to enhance your health
    • Incredible results with short-term intensive effort for long-term easy maintenance
    • Together we will clear, free, and balance your meridians.

 The flow of CHI through the meridians is essential for good health because meridians influence every human organ and all physiological systems.

The „Meridian Flow Intensive“ is just right for you if you yourself want to regulate and optimize the circulation of CHI throughout your body.

In the world we are living in, our bodies become easily overwhelmed with impressions and energies that we are not able to process as fast as we should or need to. They get stuck, subconsciously, and accidentally blocking meridians and acupuncture points. Sooner or later, this will cause the meridian system to collapse and produce unwanted physical symptoms.


The „Meridian Flow Intensive“ is an interactive workshop taught to small groups (3-9 participants). It takes place via the daily group’s chat. It is recommendable that you regularly participate during the time of the workshop with a minimum of five minutes of effort in a 48-hour timeframe.

The workshop helps you to connect the meridians and activate the meridian system. Each meridian belongs to a specific organ and plays a unique role in your well-being. All meridians are interconnected and influence the health of your entire body. Together we will form a sound basis, so you can continue to stimulate the flow of CHI through you.

What makes the „Meridian Flow Intensive“ different?

    • Meridians will be balanced on every level. Body, soul, mind, and spirit.
    • Old blocks of acupuncture points will be cleared.
    • We will stimulate the energy flow in the right direction at the right speed.
    • Every time you take action, you will receive individual guidance and supervision, or confirmation.
    • As a bonus, you will receive the corresponding „Activate your Meridians“ ebook with all essential information!
    • Plenty benefits are resulting from this energy work
          • Decreased stress levels
          • Calm nervous system
          • More energy and less fatigue
          • More centered, more grounded, more motivated
          • Better circulation

Activating your meridians is a powerful self-health-care technique that everyone can learn and use for his or her benefit. Using your knowledge from the workshop, you can maintain the flow of CHI in the Meridian system, which will elevate not only your energy, but also your mood, and your health.