PATH Program

Passionate PATH Program

Passionate Alignment to Happiness

The PATH program supports you as an individual by:

  • Transforming anxiety
  • Clearing your aura from low vibrations
  • Eliminating stress factors

By removing the energetic root cause, you are creating a domino effect and your health and life issues will dissolve!

As a result, you will:

  • Raise your vibration
  • Be able to see the bigger picture
  • Feel peace in your heart

In every session you will receive a theme to work on, an analysis of your energetical organ functions, hormonal & spinal systems and we will clear energy you picked up from others. You will get to know more about your soul and its talents. In between our consultation your energy will be monitored and supervised. The session and program will be individualized in time and length for every client.

Find out more and take the next step:

PATH Preparation

Complimentary How? Where? When? And What? Energy-Field Analysis & Reading

In this FREE initial meeting, we determine the main issues that keep you from being yourself. We will initiate a step-by-step strategy and design a solid foundation for your future and purpose. The Passionate PATH Program will then be individualized to your needs.

There are defining moments and people who have completely changed the way I approach life and Anja certainly one of those. As an artist and Feng Shui Practitioner my whole life is about color and the power of color. The moment I saw Anja’s name a chill of Chi or energy ran through my body and I knew this was a special teacher indeed! I must say her knowledge of colors and the transcendental methods she has created to heal your mind, body, and spirit,  is a life’s work of which I’ve never experienced. Anja devotes hours teaching and sharing life-changing classes.  She has personally worked on my body weekly since I experienced 2 strokes, bringing pain relief, spiritual relief, and lifting and releasing negative energy layer by layer from-current and ancestral issues with her magical insight of “those who know! I encourage anyone who needs healing on all levels to take advantage of all of her services. Thank you, Anja. I’m forever grateful our paths have connected on many levels.
Caroline Patrick BorNei, Washington, USA