Transformational TEA Program

Transformational Energy-Field Activation

Your Cup of Tea with Emotional Warmth, Comfort & Abundance”

90% of all problems in life start in the energy field and manifest later in your physical, emotional and spiritual body. The TEA program helps you to harmonize your energy-field so that your constitutional strength, holistic confidence, inner vibration, and clarity reach their full potential.

Passionate PATH Program

Passionate Alignment to Happiness

Your Path is incomparable, sensational, just one of a kind”

The PATH program is unique and cannot be compared. It is for you only. It is your chocolate, your candy. It helps you to understand your life. Finding “How? Where? When? and What?” has caused imbalances for you personally, will move the “experience” from the subconscious to the conscious level, where it can be balanced. This will cause a domino effect and clear the energy field from all imbalances in relation to the “experience”.