TEA Program

Transformational TEA Program

Transformational Energy-Field Activation

The TEA program activates your Self-Healing Powers and you will:

  • Experience less stress and more energy
  • Achieve focused concentration
  • Obtain more flexibility for your body and mind
  • Release/sooth/ease chronic pain, injuries and trauma
  • Develop emotional intelligence, awareness, and intuition

By removing and aligning energy regularly and adding the necessary vibrations to fill the void you will feel calmer while still dynamic and capable.

In every session, you will receive an analysis of the ages you accumulated stress and energetic blockages that influence your body’s functionality and self-healing power, as well as your auric strength, flexibility, and brightness. In between our consultation your energy will be monitored and supervised. The session and program will be individualized in time and length for every client.

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TEA Boost

Complimentary Transformational Energy-Field Analysis & Reading

In this FREE initial meeting, we discover the main issues and blockages that keep you from thriving. We will initiate a step-by-step strategy and design a solid foundation for your future and purpose. The TEA (Transformational Energy-Field Activation) program will then be individualized to your needs.