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Over the last decade Anja has organized the complex information gathered from all her trainings along with her extensive research, methodical development, and results driven consulting, into an elegant, simplified yet sophisticated technique known as the Fountain of Colour Empowerment method. Her method enables clients to experience a strengthened constitution, greater productivity, and transformational clarity and confidence.

What People Are Saying

"Was that magic?"

"I met Anja when she invited me to join a FB group grounded in spiritual health care. She did some remote healing  work on me that really helped. I was coming out of a difficult winter. My energy level was very low and I felt exhausted most of the time. I also seemed to catch every cold and flu that came along. There was also a chronic cough and other symptoms. I felt some improvement immediately when she started the work. After a few days my energy levels were much better and I was well on my way to feeling like myself again.
What I hadn’t realized was that Anja would be working on me every day for a while, checking in to see how things were progressing at my end. Though there is still some work to do I am much improved. What I can say about the experience, is that I am not sure if this was magic, or simply the work of a very effective, gifted, committed and generous healer. But that doesn’t matter. I feel so much better now."
Yasha Jampolsky

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Coming up soon!!