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Solutions for highly sensitive people and empaths!

If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath, and you are looking for tools to better cope...

Understand on a deeper level!

Know where you are in your personal development!

Experience and insight about the best way to work with your challenges!

HSPs and empaths often absorb and feel the emotions of those around them intensely. If you are searching for strategies to improve and manage your life, you have come to the right place.

Your benefits:

You can eliminate exhaustion and fatigue, learn to balance anxiety, consequently feel stronger and more self-secure. You can know what exactly you need to do when you feel OFF and understand why!

Fountain of Colour Empowerment

provides a spiritual health and self-care tool for

highly sensitive people to

regain their power and

use effective strategies to improve their lives.

Meet your host

With Fountain of Colour Empowerment, Anja promotes holistic health awareness and helps people to better understand and utilize Spiritual Health Care for self-care and prevention. Being an HSP and empath, she is passionate about educating, supporting, and helping fellow HSPs and empaths to better cope with their challenges.

She is the international number one bestselling author of „Women with Healing Gifts.“

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Is this you?

Do you regularly feel overwhelmed and long to be alone on a lovely beach to recharge your batteries?

Do you freeze in extremely stressful situations? Do you have profound internal experiences?

Do you often think something is off, but cannot pinpoint what it is? Or you convince yourself that it is nothing because you seem the only one noticing something odd?

These are experiences HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person) have!

You are invited to take a break and explore...

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Sensitivity Event Guide

Highly sensitive people need to get unplugged regularly, so take a break, and join the fun…

  • Are you exhausted?
  • Do you need to relax?
  • Are you taking too much to your heart?
  • Are you experiencing anxiety?

Find out about upcoming events that might help you. Come with me…

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Embrace your Highly Sensitive Self!

High Sensitivity is a developmental stage you can master. Pick up the reins, and…

  • Transform emotional confusion.
  • Understand high sensitivity on a deeper level.
  • Gain strength to love who you are.
  • Cultivate confidence in your inner being

Explore further…

DIY spiritual health care
DIY Spiritual Health-Care for HSPs

The general concept of Spiritual Health Care as an integral part of holistic health and highlights the interconnectedness of…

  • physical,
  • mental,
  • emotional,
  • spiritual 

WELL-BEING. Improve the quality of your life…

This international bestseller is aimed to resonate with spiritual and emotional healers committed to changing the world.

"Women with Healing Gifts: Breaking Barriers and Changing the World."

Anja is one of the authors, telling her authentic story, „Me, Myself, and I,“ how being alone throughout her life in various situations, allowed her to become the empowered individual she is today.