Fountain of Colour Empowerment

Fountain of Colour Empowerment

Four steps to understand powerful energy work

Fountain of Colour Empowerment is much needed Self-Health Care at its best.

The “Fountain of Colour Empowerment“ originated to manifest a holistic health care system taking into account the Body, the Soul, the Mind, and the Spirit.

Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit have a unique point of view on one specific issue. I always want the most effective point of view to be my basis for balancing energy work. The reason is that Root Cause Analysis, as frequently used in science and engineering, is also extremely useful for energy work. 


Know  what you are doing!

The Body solves a problem by becoming aware
The Soul solves a problem by letting go
The Mind solves a problem by understanding
The Spirit solves a problem by connecting

Know where you are working, and you will choose the right method of balancing!


To find the root cause, define what you are talking about precisely. 

The Body: the Body is inherited from parents and ancestors. 
The Soul: the Soul is responsible for our karma and past lives. 
The Mind: the Mind is our individuality and our freedom.  
The Spirit: the Spirit keeps Body, Soul, and Mind together in this lifetime.


What can I use to balance root cause?

The Body likes different flavours and colours.
The Soul likes love  and light.
The Mind likes vitamins and minerals.
The Spirit likes higher vibration and connection. 


Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit are interconnected.

When I change the Root Cause of one, everything else will also change!


Conclusion: Balancing a Root Cause is causing a domino effect, which makes this work extremely powerful!

 I can teach you how to do it.