Fountain of Colour Empowerment

Fountain of Colour Empowerment

Did you ever wonder why a specific alternative care method worked for your best friend and not for you?

This will never happen again when you can make a match between your issue and your balancing technique!

The Fountain of Colour Empowerment provides the necessary insight to differentiate, combine, and magnify your final outcome.

Get ready to understand the cause and effect that lead you to the right solution.

You can prevent feeling upside-down!

 Your outer self is a reflection of your inner self!

When you like what you see and feel, everything is fine.

However, it is a fact that energy- and lightworkers often forget to take care of themselves and feel devastating consequences.

You probably have asked yourself more than once:

What happened?
Where did this come from?What did I do?
Is it really my issue?

The Fountain of Colour Empowerment system for DIY Spiritual Health-Care combines highly spiritual work with a logical, down-to-earth practice to help you find the root cause.
Goodbye headache, back pain, fatigue, exhaustion, and overwhelm!

Become aware and fill the void!

Experience and let go!

Understand and release!

Surrender and cooperate!

Overcome insecurity and instability!

Are you an alternative care professional who feels drained, has been doing too much, and never has time for fun events anymore? Are you looking for a tool to regain your power and feel inspired in your work?

DIY Spiritual Health-Care for lightworkers differentiates between Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit.

4 different territories, 4 different visions, 4 different balancing methods.

Their point of view, characteristics, domain, and balancing methods vary.

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Good intuition is not enough!

Let’s say you have a headache.It is not just about clearing the pain. It is about finding the root cause of the pain.

Where is the root cause situated?

What is the root cause?
What is the most effective way to balance the root cause?

With the Fountain of Colour Empowerment system, you will know the details and how to use them for the best possible result.

Your Benefits!

Fountain of Colour Empowerment is a much-needed DIY Spiritual Health-Care system specially developed for lightworkers.
  • It is a minimum time, maximum result technique.
  • It provides absolute accuracy about the root cause.
  • It gives you certainty about the balancing method.
  • It provides profound knowledge for more efficiency.
  • It will support your ability to see your own problems.
  • It will make you independent of others.
  • It will allow you to see the deeper truth.
But the best is that with the Fountain of Colour Empowerment technique, you can anticipate and prevent health issues in the energy field before they manifest physically!

Get ready to thrive physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!

While personal needs differ, the goal we are aiming for is the same.
We all want to be happy!

Your Body is happy when it is confident!                               Check out „AuraGym“

Your Soul is happy when it feels safe!                 Check out „Mastering Empathy“ and the „Meridian Flow Intensive“

Your Mind is happy when its freedom is ensured!                 Advanced training.

Your Spirit lives in gratitude when these basics are provided!