Do you think you are an Empath?

There are two important steps before you will be sure "Empowered Empathy" is a fit for you.

1. Be sure you are an Empath.

2. Find out how many spaces of your energy are occupied by others.


Empathy is one way of dealing with high sensitivity.

Spiritually seen, an empath is an individual with special, psychic abilities. The word “empathy” finds its roots in the Greek word empátheia, which means passion. Empaths are naturally kind and compassionate. They rather give than receive.

Empath Characteristics

1. You think you don’t fit in.
2. You feel places emotionally.
3. You don’t like watching the news or scary movies.
4. You need regular downtime.
5. You feel emotions deeply.
6. You feel the emotions of others.
7. Strangers share their problems with you.
8. You are easily drained by some people.
9. Your intuition is accurate.
10. You don’t like crowded places.
11. You know things that are about to happen.
12. You feel drawn to help others.
13. You take on energy from others.
14. You feel other people’s pain.

Every empath is highly sensitive, but not every highly sensitive person is an empath.

Number 1,3,4,5,9,10,11, will most likely come forward when you are a Highly Sensitive Person (which all empaths are).

Number 2,6,7,8,12,13,14, will most likely come forward, when you chose empathy as a coping mechanism for High Sensitivity.

Being an empath, your intuition is magnified, and you know what people do not say, because you see, feel, and sense their energy.

Positive energy can make this very joyful, but empaths often feel the negative and suffer. I have found more than 1000 places where, other people’s energy can be located.

Mastering empathy is mandatory in the world we are living in. 


How many places of your energy are occupied by someone else’s energy?

If more than 20 places are occupied by other people’s energy, chances are that you lose yourself and just fight to survive your confusion.
Remember, you are a role model. If you are not feeling good, your partner will feel bad too, your kids will notice, your work will suffer, and it will all reflect back to you. A vicious circle!