Aura Gym

"Aura Gym"

Are you ready to explore the power that lies beyond the edge of your consciousness?
  • Become aware of your body’s inherent intelligence
  • Feel your body using this intelligence to heal itself
  • Discover the benefit of Aura Gym and activate your self-healing power

90% of all problems in life start in the energy field and manifest later in the physical body.


Keeping the aura strong and flexible will prevent stagnation of energy. This way, your health, and well-being will be supported.

Using the Aura Gym method, you can begin to train your energy body with determined intentional exercises! 

Are you ready to activate your colours for your personal vibrational upgrade?

  • In this fast-moving world, our energy is still fighting change, like in the middle ages. Reacting from the emotion of fear, our energy tends to stiffen and contract. It is trying to hold on to whatever situation we are in, often leading to that overwhelmed feeling. We need to shift the outdated wiring of our energy! With conscious attention, we can keep the energy flowing. Aura Gym is the means to do that.


“Aura Gym “is an energy balancing modality. It applies what used to be women’s intuitive knowledge. Due to emancipation, this knowledge faded into the background. Now it is rediscovered and used by women as well as men to supervise aura size and functionality.

What makes Aura Gym different?

  • Aura Gym supplies the tools for you to be in charge of your energy flow and self-healing power.
  • Aura Gym will help you to leave behind old-fashioned patterns. It is about being responsible and able to change your energy instantly in your everyday life.
  • Aura Gym will make your energy vibrant and will assist you in expanding and aligning your energy.
  • Using Aura Gym will let you feel how your self-healing power works for you!

This in turn leads to:

– Experience less stress and more energy
– Gain more flexibility for your body and mind
– Release/soothe/easy pain
– Start to develop emotional awareness

 As soon as you have finished the course, you will immediately be able to work with your knowledge. Not only with yourself but with anybody you like to work with.

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Looking forward to hearing for you!