Basic needs

Acknowledge your basic needs without hesitation!
Do these 4 simple action steps to support your health and well-being daily!

Breathe !

Our breath is food for our spirit, and the way we breathe affects our whole body. Stress will support shallow breathing. So, take care that you breathe deeply. This will cause your entire body to calm down and relax.

Drink !

Take care that you will dehydrate!

Always have water to drink available. Dehydration signs are feeling tired, dizzy or lightheaded, dark-yellow pee, smelly pee, dry mouth, lips, eyes, and headaches.

Eat !

If you are hungry, have a (healthy) snack !

Ignoring your hunger can become a habit. In the end, you will not know anymore if you are hungry or not. You will only notice when you start eating, and then your body will want to eat as much as possible because it is never sure when it will get the next meal.

Clear !

Go to the bathroom if you feel you need to !

Holding what needs to come out is unhealthy, disturbs your natural instinct, and can lead to health issues.

Small action with significant effect!  It will for sure support your health and well-being.

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