From overwhelmed to happy!

"I contacted Anja because of all the distress of being an empath. I needed help because I was taking on the world’s pain and suffering and could not bear it anymore. Anja cleared my aura and filled it up with colours and cleared and protected my home. She also cleared various energy cords and connections. This is my note to Anja the next morning: ….well I have to tell you I had the best sleep ever…I slept for 14 hours straight and when I woke up I felt amazing! I have a lot of physical issues and today was one of the first times that I woke up and I wasn’t in pain! ! It feels great and I am in a very good mood. I truly feel free for the first time in my life! I really appreciate all that you have given me..Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"
Maureen Ellen DuCharme, Vancouver