TEA Program

Thank you, Anja!

„16 years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with autism, and even though she had tons of therapies in all those years and was doing well, there were still little kinks in her focus and attention, where she would not grasp what we said and react to it straight away. It was like a delay in …

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Was that magic?

„I met Anja when she invited me to join a FB group grounded in spiritual health care. She did some remote healing  work on me that really helped. I was coming out of a difficult winter. My energy level was very low and I felt exhausted most of the time. I also seemed to catch …

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From concentration problems to earning my physiotherapy degree!

„Before I met Anja I had concentration problems and kept forgetting many things. After the first contact I felt much better. Concentration improved strongly. My body felt much more in balance and I could remember things. I felt ready to start a course to become a physiotherapist which in the mean-time I finished and have my own practice.“ …

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Amazing Recovery!

„I was in the hospital suffering from high fevers due to several severe infections. Anja performed distance aura clearing of my energy. My doctors were amazed at my quick recovery.“ Henny, Almelo