Help as transparent and pure as it can be

"I hardly ever reach out for help, because I am super critical of the integrity and the quality of a healer. Especially in the field of emotional, mental, and spiritual issues, I don't easily trust anybody to look deeply into my system, let alone move my energies about. A few weeks ago, however, I decided to ask Anja's help. I had positive experiences with her about 20 years ago. I reached out because I felt stuck, totally out of balance, burned-out, and not in contact with my inner guidance. I felt unable to sort things out myself.

For me, trust is an important issue. The fact that I trust Anja is maybe the biggest compliment I can give to anybody. I trust her integrity. This means I see that she strictly follows the wants and needs of my subconscious and never interferes. I know that she strictly distinguishes my issues and development from her own life. This makes her help as transparent and pure as it can be. I also trust her capability. She has an extensive perception of many aspects of a person, checks and double-checks her perception, comparing all the data, so that she comes up with well-founded conclusions. She can change minor and major discomfort, seemingly in an instant, with an immediate result.
After two weeks of intense work, I feel a lot better, grounded, and more balanced. I gained many new insights. Anja left me with various suggestions and exercises that can assist me in maintaining my health and balance and avoid falling back into the old traps. I find Anja very down to earth, patient, practical, friendly, understanding, direct, and not judgmental. She did an incredible amount of work. I am so grateful."
Laura Tietjens, Groningen