Was that magic?

"I met Anja when she invited me to join a FB group grounded in spiritual health care. She did some remote healing  work on me that really helped. I was coming out of a difficult winter. My energy level was very low and I felt exhausted most of the time. I also seemed to catch every cold and flu that came along. There was also a chronic cough and other symptoms. I felt some improvement immediately when she started the work. After a few days my energy levels were much better and I was well on my way to feeling like myself again.
What I hadn’t realized was that Anja would be working on me every day for a while, checking in to see how things were progressing at my end. Though there is still some work to do I am much improved. What I can say about the experience, is that I am not sure if this was magic, or simply the work of a very effective, gifted, committed and generous healer. But that doesn’t matter. I feel so much better now."
Yasha Jampolsky