I was never so aware that we take on a lot of energy from other people

"Before I did this course, I was never so aware that we take on a lot of energy from other people, sometimes even consciously, because we want to help them. Anja shows us that this tendency doesn't help the person we have taken the energy from, nor us. It actually makes our life a lot more complicated. To walk and develop our own path, we should learn to distinguish our energy from somebody else's and learn how to gracefully eliminate what does not belong to us. Here a valuable lesson about compassion versus pity comes in and about the free will and the responsibility of every human being. I have heard many people talk 'spirituality, ' but the stress on this subject and the explanation have never been so clear as in Anja's discourse. In Anja's Hide&Seek, we learn how to distinguish other people's energy. We also learn how to deal with it and to understand the whole process within the scope of our own personal path. A super necessary and valuable course that I would recommend to anybody who feels that burning sage or reciting mantras is not effective enough in these challenging modern times to clear your energy so you can become your own authentic, compassionate self, capable of maintaining your health and wellbeing while caring for the world around you."
Laura Tietjens, Barcelona