Magical world of the colour

"Anja & I started our journey together on March 7th, 2019. Step by step, she led me into the forgotten chapters of my own life. Chapters made up of experiences and emotions that I thought had already been forgotten, but NO. It turned out to be a surprising journey as each time we met, she would guide me into delving deeper and deeper into my inner world until I found myself awakened from a past dream. Anja is a "Colour detective," I would say. She perceives one's energy through the magical world of the colour of one's aura, revealing the state of health, spiritual and physical one has. In her simple, direct, delicate, and elegant way of dedicating her time to me, Anja has become a true friend of my soul. Thank you, Anja. What colour will you give me this time?"
Carmen Carballo del Puerto, Conil de la Frontera